Fresh air at home and in the office

Health and well-being are high goods. The current situation regarding the Corona pandemic has made us aware that the protection of the health and well-being of our customers, guests and employees is of enormous importance.

A sustainable, innovative solution for air treatment


Air ionization is a long known natural phenomenon, so ions are produced in nature by solar radiation, by friction of the wind on the earth's surface, by thunderstorms, rain and other atmospheric events. The air is purified by rain but especially by the disinfecting effect of ionized molecules and free radicals (e.g. after a thunderstorm).

The currently safest and most effective way to decompose pollutants

The NTP devices produce ions in the air by means of non-thermal plasma (NTP). NTP is therefore a physical phenomenon produced at room temperature; it uses air as a gas mixture as well as the water vapor it contains and converts it into ionized gas consisting of various electrically charged particles. The reactivity of the particles causes oxidation phenomena capable of neutralizing volatile organic compounds, viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms and odors.

It is scientifically proven that NTP technology kills viruses when treating indoor air and surfaces. In this regard, we refer to a study from 2019 by the University of Michigan (USA), in which the underlying NTP technology was proven to inactivate dangerous airborne viruses by 99.9%.

- They neutralize odours and make the room air fresher
- They improve the vital function and increase the oxygen uptake of the body
- They alleviate breathing problems of allergy sufferers and asthmatics
- They protect against airborne microbial contamination in all environments (even with a high number of people and in crowded rooms).

Star Cube Gehäuse aus Edelstahl
Star Cube stainless steel housing

Our solution: STARCUBE by Jonix

The StarCube (Made in Italy) was designed for professional use. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel.
The device is very flexible due to its small size and mobility and fits into any environment due to its neutral design.
The power of the StarCube is adjustable, it is very energy-saving (power consumption 10 watts) and does not require any other consumables apart from a 230V power supply.
The device requires very little maintenance (the ion generator must be cleaned every 800 operating hours, and replaced every approx. 8,000 hours).
Once installed, there is no additional effort (e.g. no product refill, etc.).

Application areas of the STARCUBE

    - reception area
    - Sales area
    - room
    - office
    - Living rooms
    - wellness area
    - production rooms

The StarCube is designed for a room treatment of up to approx. 70m2. The fast onset of action eliminates odors and removes harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, mold, etc., both in the room air and on surfaces (floors, furniture, carpets, curtains, beds, ...). Certifications from "Biosafe", "TÜV Profi Cert" and "Horizon 2020" prove the high quality standard and the efficient efficiency of the product.

certified quality

We are experts in the field of filtration as well as odour treatment (in cooperation with the company FILCOTEC) and are active in this field throughout Germany in the fields of trade, industry, drinking water and waste water treatment, waste recycling and biomass treatment. This spectrum of different applications enables us to present tailor-made, customer-oriented, sustainable and innovative solutions for different areas.


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