Cooling water for plastics processing

In many plastics processing companies that produce plastic profile systems for windows and doors as well as terrace, facade and roof cladding systems, the Azud Helix Automatic AIR ASSIST filters have become a standard solution for the filtration of particles from the cooling water of the extrusion lines.

During the manufacturing process, the PVC profiles are injected and then pressed through a template to achieve the exact external dimensions of the products. If solid particles get between the product and the template, scratches will appear on the product surface, resulting in the product having to be rejected. Since the products are injected under vacuum, it is very important that the cooling water supply runs continuously and without large pressure and flow fluctuations in order not to affect the vacuum condition in the cooling tunnel.

The filter fineness of 50 μm has proven to be the most suitable filter fineness. On the one hand it is possible to avoid the clogging of heat exchangers and valves and to guarantee the cleanliness of the template, keeping the quality in extrusion lines at a high level, on the other hand it is possible to keep the rinsing water loss in a reasonable and economical level thanks to the compressed air assisted backwashing. The lines can be connected to a common water circuit and filtration system. If no central cooling water treatment is possible, each line can be supplied by its own Azud filter.

Azud Helix 203/3FX AA



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