Water is the elementary raw material in the beverage and food industry. The requirements for a constantly reliable water quality are particularly high in ongoing production. Without optimal water treatment, there is a risk of disruptions in the production process, quality fluctuations in the products or unnecessary environmental pollution.

Drinking water is fresh water that must have a high degree of purity as it is used for human consumption. It should be free of pathogenic contaminants, dissolved solids, microorganisms and toxic chemicals. European guidelines on drinking water are set by the World Health Organization and/or the European Union. Recommended concentrations of minerals vary from country to country, but most minerals have a maximum allowable concentration limit to ensure safe, balanced, and wholesome drinking water. The taste of drinking water depends on the calcium, magnesium, sulfate and iron content.

In many areas of application, such as in the production of drinking water, brewery water, but also in the case of cooling water and boiler feed water, the water hardness is essential.

Filtration processes in the food industry are characterized by strict hygiene regulations and high requirements. Due to rising fuel prices, there has recently been an increased demand in the field of frying oil filtration by potato processing industries. Used vegetable oil from the catering industry has impurities after use that can be filtered out. This allows further use of the vegetable oil and thus savings in energy costs. Only suitable filtration ensures stable quality and a longer system service life.



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