Y O U R   F I L T R A T I O N   S P E C I A L I S T   F O R   S O L I D   L I Q U I D   S E P A R A T I O N



Project Data

  • Application: Irrigation of a sports field
  • System: AZUD Disc filter 203/3FX DLP, 50 μm and BIO-UV UV-device IBP 4205 HO+
  • Water Quality: microbiological parameters exceeded for:
  1. Coli : 291/100 ml

Faecal streptococcus : 169 CFU/100 ml

  • Liquid: fresh water from stream - 30 m3/h
  • Task: high reduction of microbiological parameters (> 3 log stages) and compliance with requirements on the application of irrigation water (DIN 19650, 1999):





Faecal streptococcus CFU/100 ml

≤ 100

E. Coli                        CFU/100 ml

≤ 200

Salmonellae/1000 ml

below detection limit

potential infectious stadia of human and domestic animal - parasite in 1000 ml

below detection limit


Since groundwater resources are limited, surface water must be more frequently used for irrigation. Concerning the water quality evaluation, the bacteriological criteria are of decisive importance for the quality assessment. Water was taken from a local stream to irrigate a sports field in the municipality of Königsbach-Stein, Germany. Since increased bacterial counts of E.Coli and faecal streptococcus were detected in the water, the water had to be treated before it was used.





Effective filtration with subsequent reliable UV-disinfection

With UV-disinfection, in which the UV-C-rays penetrate the DNA core of microorganisms at the optimal wavelength of 254 nm and disrupt their cell metabolism, all germs are inactivated and can be no longer multiply. Since it is necessary to ensure before using the UV radiation that the requirements for the water, particularly with regard to turbidity, are met, the water to be disinfected was first filtered.



AZUD Disc Filter

The installed pressure disc filter AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC with three filter elements and a filter grade of 50 μm has a nominal flow rate of 30 m3/h and a filter surface of 4,860 cm2. The filter elements consist of a stack of finely grooved filter discs made of plastic, which are pressed onto one another by spring pressure. The raw water passes from the outside to the inside through the disc stack through a helix anticlogging device, which creates centrifugal motion. As a result, particles are kept away from the filter discs in a rotary motion and the frequency of backwashing is reduced. Bigger particles remain outside on the surface of the disc stack, while smaller particles are trapped in the grooves. The backwashing is triggered automatically via differential pressure, time, external signal or manually and takes place during the filtration stage. In this way, the filtration production is maintained even during backwashing


Disc filter element and helix

BIO-UV UV-Device

UV-lamps IBP range are high-performance, low-pressure UV lamps with a service life of 13,000 hours ensuring a long-lasting disinfection performance. With a UV-transmission (T10mm) of the water of at least 92%, a minimum dose of UV radiation of 400 J/m2 ensures effective inactivation of microorganisms. The state-of-the-art UV sensor for measuring the current UV-C output enables the operator to monitor the lamp output. The regular control of the microbiological quality can be guaranteed by the hygienic sampling valves at the entrance and exit of the UV-device.


UV-device IBP4205 HO+



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