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Filtration of surface water for hot water supply in open air swimming pool



  • Application: water for heat pump to supply hot bath water in the Mindelheim open air swimming pool
  • System: Separator MCF80; Disc filter AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 205/6FX DLP, 200 μm
  • Liquid: river water - 54 m3/h
  • Task: filtration of water with a high TSS value: removal of suspended solids, protection of the heat pump against clogging by deposits and abrasion by sand grains, ensuring optimal heat transfer



The surface water is used as feed water for the heat pump, which provides hot water in the swimming pool. Since the concentration of pollutants (e.g., microorganisms, leaves, dust) in river water can fluctuate greatly due to different weather events, the water quality can also change quickly. Therefore, efficient filtration of the water is crucial for trouble-free and safe system operation.

Maria-Theresia-Bad Mindelheim



Effective Two-stage Particle Separation

Coarse particles, whose densities are significantly greater than that of water, are effectively removed from the water flow up to several grams per liter with the separation. The separator is barrier-free, the particles are separated by means of generated centrifugal forces and finally discharged out of the system. The remaining solids, whose densities differ only insignificantly from that of water, are then separated with a disc filter that uses densely stacked filter discs with a defined filter grade as a barrier. Since the automatically backwashed disc filter can easily scope with rapidly changing water quality, it guarantees optimal water quality even despite extreme increases in the suspended matter content and algae.





Cyclonic separators are barrier-free systems that use physical forces to separate particles from the water flow.  The efficiency is basically dependent on the correct water throughput, the density difference between the particles and liquid and the viscosity of the medium. With a particle size of 75 μm and a density difference of 1 (water) to 2.6 (sand), the particle removal efficiency is 99%. Smaller particles are also partially removed from the liquid, depending on the size class and specific weight.

There is no filter element that can overgrow and be blocked by deposits and coarse particles. The separator MCF80 hat a nominal flow rate of 35-72 m3/h. The automatic purging unit ensures regular emptying of the particle collection chamber.


Seperator MCF80

AZUD Disc Filter

The installed pressure disc filter AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC with five filter elements and a filter grade of 200 μm has a nominal flow rate of 100 m3/h and a filter surface of 8,100 cm2. The filter elements consist of a stack of finely grooved filter discs made of plastic, which are pressed onto one another by spring pressure. The raw water passes from the outside to the inside through the disc stack through a helix anticlogging device, which creates centrifugal motion. As a result, particles are kept away from the filter discs in a rotary motion and the frequency of backwashing is reduced. Bigger particles remain outside on the surface of the disc stack, while smaller particles are trapped in the grooves. The backwashing is triggered automatically via differential pressure, time, external signal or manually and takes place during the filtration stage. In this way, the filtration production is maintained even during backwashing.


AZUD Disc Filter 205/6FX




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