The AZUD HELIX  MANUAL filtration range is designed for high efficiency with low maintenance and optimum safety in filtration.  The filter uses the patented Azud Helix and Azud Discs to efficiently filter the water. The Helix creates centrifical action which spins the larger particles away from the discs, and the discs provide a high level of filtration and an easy to clean filtering element.



azud modular model overview



The Helix is a centrifugal action device on the inlet to the filtering element which forces the inlet water to spin around the discs in the filer housing, this forces the larger particles away from the discs reducing the build up of solids on the filtration suface, thus optimizing the peformance of the discs and reducing the frequency of cleaning the element.

DISC FILTRATION. MAXIMUM SAFETY. The patented design and the materials used in  manufacturing guarantee a long life with high resistance to


MODULARITY. Versatility, compatibility. The system permits a wide range of configorations with a minimal number of components.


LOW MAINTENANCE AND EASY.  No tools required.

THE EXCLUSIVE BUTTERFLY SYSTEM of closure of the filtering element, allows for easy decompression of the discs stack, making the element easy to clean and preventing loss of discs.




Installation Examples

discfilter possible positions

        standing position              hanging with a drain valve for solids


...or in any other position!

Available in 2″, 2″ Super and 3″, with flows up to 440 gpm (with 130µ discs).
Maximum Operating Pressure: 145 psi
Maximum Operating Temperature: 140⁰F
Disc options – 5µ, 10µ, 20µ, 50µ, 100µ, 130µ, 200µ and 400µ.




Technical Information

manual discfilter technical information


manual discfilter lost of flow



Flow rate per filter (100 micron)

manual discfilter flow rate


Texts and graphs published with the kind permission of the supplier.

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