Our separators optimize water use and increase the efficiency of hydroelectric, hydrothermal or thermal power plants by reducing maintenance costs. They help:

  • Protect seals and bearings of pumps
  • Protect condensers and heat exchangers
  • Protect cooling towers
  • Treat water from tapping points


By preventing the disruptive accumulation of solids in the tower tank, tower pans, pump sumps and heat exchangers, the harmful growth of bacteria, algae and fungi is reduced and good heat transfer in the exchanger is guaranteed. The compact separator skid systems can be installed both in full flow and in bypass flow. They consist of a separator, a screen basket that protects the pump, a centrifugal pump with a controller, an optional collection tank for the separated solids and/or an automatic blow-down unit that flushes the separated particles into the sewer. The system can be combined with the desalination unit.


Installation examples:

  • Full flow - for smaller systems up to 100 -150 m3/h. The separator is installed between the pump and the consumer.
  • Bypass flow - The separator skid system is designed for the filtration of 15-30% of the main stream flow and ensures the effective reduction of the solids in the circulation circuit. In this case, pumps with a low output of only 10 -15 mWS pressure are used. Off-line filtration makes sense from a main flow throughput of at least 150 m3/h.
  • Cleaning the cooling tower pan - The separator skid system circulates the water from the cooling tower basin without interfering with the main cooling system. The hydro-booster nozzles in the cooling tower basin provide a controlled vortex movement and direct the solids towards the pump inlet. This avoids their sedimentation in calm zones.


Functionality of the separator skid system:

The centrifugal pump boosts the water into the separator. A filter basket in front of the pump protects the pump from clogging with coarse impurities. The water enters the separator tangentially at the top of the device. This causes the water to rotate. The rotational speed of the water is increased by narrowing the cross-section between the head part and the underlying separation pipe to such an extent that centrifugal force effectively separates the water to the required degree of efficiency. Specifically heavier particles are pressed against the inner wall of the separator and slide down into the collection container.

At the lower end of the separator is a particle collection chamber, which is partially separated from the separation tube by a flow deflection plate. Through a gap between the inner wall of the separation tube and the flow deflection plate, the particles are thrown out of the water flow into the particle collection chamber by the effect of centrifugal force. The water flow, largely free of particles, flows to the center of the water vortex due to pressure differences, is deflected upwards and leaves the separator through the outlet pipe at the top of the head part.

The particle collection chamber is opened cyclically and time-controlled, either manually or automatically, via a valve to the channel in order to flush out the separated particles. Optionally, the dirt can be swept into a collection container with a closed bag and collected. Due to this simple emptying by means of system pressure, the system does not require additional cleaning motors, pumps, sensors and other components that are at risk of failure for sludge removal.

Purging occurs during normal operation and does not interrupt the supply of downstream systems. The purging loss is minimal and amounts to a few liters of water per purging process.




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