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About UV light

The sun emits an invisible light known as ultraviolet rays. This natural phenomenon is reproduced within BIO-UV Group's light chambers, using powerful lights incorporating the latest technology that emit UV-rays.

254 nanometers is the optimum wavelength for inactivating micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, algae, yeasts, mold); UV-C light penetrates to the heart of the micro-organisms' DNA and disturbs the metabolism of the cells. All the germs are thus inactivated (including legionella and cryptosporidium) and can no longer reproduce. Concering the removal of chloramines special UV-C lamps are designed to produce a larger variety of lightwaves that are more effective at irradicating tri-chloramines which are known to cause respiratory aliments.

The effective dose:

The UV dose is equivalent to the UV energy that the living micro-organism has to absorb to be inactivated. The table below shows the UV-C dose levels (expressed in millijoules (mJ)/cm²) required to eradicate 99,9% of the micro-organisms.


Bacillus Anthracis


Legionnella Pneumophila

Salmonella enteridis

Streptococcos Faecalis


8,5 mJ/cm²

10,5 mJ/cm²

6,9 mJ/cm²

9 mJ/cm²



Chlorella vulgaris


22 mJ/cm²




16 mJ/cm²




8 mJ/cm²


The Advantages

  • A concept that reduces the use of chemicals
  • Respect the Environment and Ecologically Sustainable Solutions
  • A simple physical principle: no by-products or overdosing
  • Can be used in combination with other water treatment products
  • Reasonable costs for purchase and maintenance
  • Easy, quick and modular installation



Market Uses

Private pools and spas

The BIO-UV and Delta UV Residential ranges for private and spas offer an automatic chlorine-free water treatment. More than 100 000 swimmig pools or spas owners are already benefitting from better quality and safer water.


Commercial pools and spas

Chloramine Removal using the BIO-UV Medium Pressure and Low Pressure multi-lamp ranges are capable of treating 1 to 1000 m³/h. With a view towards sustainable environment, these UV-C reactors considerable reduce chloramine levels while safely sanitizing and treating the water. The return on investment is relatively fast due to substantial savings in water renewal.


 Domestic and municipal drinking water

 UV-Home, IBP+/IAM/DW Ranges

 All of these units safely allow delivering potable water to homes and communities from 1 to more than 1000m³/h.

    They guarantee water purification from wells, and, drillings as well as treating rain watrer for reuse in sanitation.



Aquaculture, fish farms, aquariums, and ponds

Our ranges of 316L stainless steel or HDPE ensure a perfect water quality. Used in fresh- or sea-water these UV-C reactors answer the needs of professionals and end-users guaranteeing healthy water for the aquatic life. These units treat flows ranging from 0.5 to 1000m³/hour.



Industrial processes water treatment and ultra-pure water

BIO-UV Group manufactures the IBP+ and PHARMA lines of reactors for sanitizing water in Industrial processes and for the ultra-pure water treatment for pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, and agriculture industries.



Waste water treatment and Reuse water

BIO-UV developed the IAM and RW ranges of UV-C reactors for tertiary treatment and sanitation of municipal waste water. They are also used for Industrial water and for reusing grey water. They protect the environment after the treatment stations and can also reuse the treated waste water for farm irrigation, park's watering... This use of UV-C is in the process of being used more and more everywhere due to the increased demands.


Prevention of legionella

On cooling towers or in hot-water networks, BIO-UV offers a preventative treatment against Legionella safeguarding the installations. With UV-C treatment, it is possible to avoid using, or at least reduce the use of chemical products.




Text and graphs published with the kind permission of the supplier.


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