Easy-to-install and easy-to-use, low-maintenance, customized complete solutions ensure optimal internal water management of a hotel or clinic.


Our systems are suitable for the following applications:

  • Swimming pool water treatment

For public and private pools, we offer optimal treatment of the bathing water with a disinfection level using UV light. The unpleasant smell of chlorine is banned from swimming pools.

  • Legionella control

Legionella pose a danger to guests and employees. Their optimum growth occurs at a temperature between 30 and 37° Celsius. Infection occurs through inhalation of aerosols containing bacteria. For this reason, showers, air conditioning systems and hot tubs, for example, are considered risk areas. Biofilms, which are present in all water pipes and tanks and are resistant to most disinfection processes, offer optimal living conditions for these dangerous bacteria at the right temperature.

  • Drinking water supply

Systems for the treatment of water from the public drinking water supply or for in-house water treatment from existing sources such as wells, seawater or surface water ensure a continuously high water quality through taste and odor neutrality, microbiological hygiene in accordance with the worldwide WHO standards and, above all, permanent availability. A reduced degree of hardness protects the devices and pipes.

  • Internal water management - gray water treatment

The water from showers, sinks and bathtubs can be processed by a water recycling system to make process water for toilet flushing or irrigation. This saves the necessary fresh water and the associated costs.



The compact systems AZUD WATERTECH offer a turnkey solution for the requirements of the treatment of drinking water, gray water and industrial process water. The combination of the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC pre-filter with compressed air-supported backwashing and the hollow-fiber membrane modules supplemented by further treatment stages such as disinfection and media filtration enables fast and smooth use both in water desalination and in waste water treatment.


AZUD WATERTECH D1U2 for grey water treatment of a hotel

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