Our team has been strengthened!

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Since the beginning of August we have additional support in our team, our new sales represantive Mr. Ingolf Evers. He is a specialist for cooling systems, cooling towers, cooling water treatment and has expertise advising our customers in this field and propose solutions.

We look forward to this collaboration!

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Workshop „Geothermische Kraftwerkstechnik" (Geothermical Power Plant Technology)

Participation in the workshop „Geothermische Kraftwerkstechnik - Status Quo, Entwicklungspotentiale, Perspektiven“ in Aachen

on 11/07/2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


25th Company Anniversary


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Dieses Jahr feiert Pfeffer Filtertechnik sein 25. Firmenjubiläum!25th Company Anniversary

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