How it works (using the example of the LXE)

azud luxon how it works






ENERGY EFFICIENT: Consumption of water during the flushing cycle is minimal
WIDE FILTRATION RANGE: Screens from 10 to 1000 micron

VERSATILITY: Sizes from 3” to 20”


RESISTANCE: Temperatures to 140°F  (60°C )

LARGE SCREEN SURFACE: Up to 3300 sq.inch (21,300 cm2)

RESISTANT MATERIAL: The screen is made of high quality stainless steel which is very resistant to corrosion.

TIME SAVING: The filtration process continues during the flushing cycle

EASY INSTALLATION: The filters are delivered ready to be installed.

WEAVE SCREEN ELEMENT:  Stainless steel or PVC support avaiable (10 to 1000 micron with Stainless steel support, and 80 – 1000 micron with PVC support)

HOUSING: Durable carbon steel construction

EASY ACCESS TO SCREEN: Hinged lid reduces labor and makes cleaning pre-screen easy


Model Overview

Automatic Screen Filters with electric or hydraulic operation, suitable for all applications.

The LUXON Screen filters complete the AZUD range of high quality filtration products.
Manufactured in carbon steel with stainless steel screens. LUXON filters offer a wide range of screen sizes and flows to fit the level of filtration desired.


vertical, electric version: LXE 2500, 7400, 13200


luxon lxe2500

luxon 7400

luxon 13200


horizontale, hydraulic version: LCA

luxon lca





luxon data chart 1

luxon data chart 2

luxon data chart 3

luxon data chart 4

luxon head loss chart

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