Filters for Industrial Use

  • drum filters
  • sand filters for agriculture / for industry made of steel, INOX and glass-fiber reinforced
  • activated charcoal filters, multi-layer filters
  • discfilters for agricultural and industrial use
  • meshfilters
  • small filters / cartridge filters
  • special solutions ( cleaning-in-place systems, recycling systems)



Special Solutions for Water Treatment

  • deferrisation
  • softening
  • ion exchangers
  • arsenic / uranium filters
  • microfiltration
  • ultrafiltration
  • reverse osmosis
  • containers



  • standard container glass-fiber reinforced up to 60.000 ltr
  • container glass-fiber reinforced for hot water up to 95°C with insulation
  • PP und PE containers bespoke


We also offer a wide range of equipment, valves and control units, everything you need for filtration.