Series LCM - disc filters

Semi-automatic backflushing filter systems with max flow 40 - 160 m³/h azud series LCM


In line equipments with grooved discs filtering elements, High Density Polyethylene manifolds.








Disc Filtration. Maximum safety. Its studied
design and the materials used in its manufacture
guarantee a long life and high resistance.

Optimization of the performance and minimum
frequency and intensity of maintenance labours.

Self-cleaning filtering element. The LCM
equipments allow to house both manual filtering
elements and DF-DISC, the automatic filtering

Modularity. Versatility, compatibility. The system permits a wide range of possibilities with a minimal number of components.

Maximum facility of transport and
installation. Already assembled equipments.

Manufactured in Technical Plastic.

Low Maintenance. Without tooling. Maximum
resistance, with movable parts not susceptible to
wearing due to a continuous operation.

Water and energy saving.





      disc element                  details of disc      mesh element       details of mesh

           disc element                                 details of disc                           mesh element                     details of mesh



AZUD HELIX LCM equipment backflushes
without any interruption of water supply to
the crop. The backflushing is sequential:
One filter is in backflushing stage while the
rest of the equipment is in filtration stage,
supplying water to the installation.

FILTRATION STAGE: The helix generates
a centrifuge helical effect, which moves
away from the discs the particles in the

This is translated in a lesser frequency and
intensity of the maintenance labours, with
the subsequent saving of water.
Through the discs is made the in-depth
filtration process.

BACKFLUSHING STAGE: When the operator
change the position of the two valves
from the manual backflushing activation
kit in one of the filters, the filtered water
comes into the filter in the opposite direction
through the filtering element structure.
The solids previously retained during filtration
stage are expelled from them the discs
and drained outside through the drainage


Technical Data

Flow Rate
2" Automatic Filter 20 micron 8 m³/h  x  number of filters
2" Automatic Filter 50 micron 12 m³/h  x  number of filters
2" Automatic Filter 100/ 130/ 200 micron 20 m³/h  x  number of filters
filtering surface/ element 1.492 cm² / 1.699 cm²
maximum temperature 60°C
pH > 4 pH
operating pressure min. ~ 4 bar
operating pressure max. 10 bar

backflush pressure min.

(for automatic elements)

3,0 bar at 130/ 200 micron

3,5 bar at 100 micron

4,5 bar at 20/ 50 micron

required flushing water approximately 2,5 l/s at 130/ 200µ
backflush time per element 8-20 s/ element
manual elements occasional opening of the filter required
manifold polyethylene HD
container fiber-reinforced polyamide
discs polypropylene
gaskets EPDM or to customer specifications
valves PVC, manual
valve gaskets EPDM or to customer specifications
backflush controller dropped
































Head Loss

head loss chart


Texts and graphs published with the kind permission of the supplier.


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