Our separators are suitable for numerous applications in the mining industry:

  • Well water filtration
  • Water reuse
  • Protection for water jets
  • Leaching pads
  • Raw water screening and filtration


Salt domes

Salt domes are subterranean geological formations created by salt sediments. The heart of a salt dome is the vertical, rectangular cavern, which is typically 90-99% crystalline rock salt. If properly excavated and prepared, the pack dome can be used as an underground storage facility for natural gas, petroleum and other high-volume gases or liquids.

Our separators can be used in numerous preparatory processes of the salt dome, e.g., for the removal of sand grains from the brine, which is a by-product. The removal of the sand particles from the brine prevents clogging of the disposal wells into which the brine is injected again. The automatic blow-down unit ensures that the particles are regularly discharged from the system and that operation is completely maintenance-free. The minimal space requirement protects the environment.